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The Mad Cows are Coming!

Lee Myeong Park is one unpopular gaucho these days

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I have many conversations with my students during the day where we just agree, we don't understand each other. So I'm not completely sure I understand this issue completely, but I can tell you this, Korean president Lee Myeong Park (pronounced E Myeong Bak) is one unpopular dude these days. You might ask yourself what he's done. Did he bog his country down in an expensive, unjustified foreign war? Has he driven the economy into the ground? Did he shoot a hunting buddy in the face?

No, E's brazen disregard for his people's welfare is much more diabolical than any of those "hypothetical" mishaps. It seems Easy E is content to bring the downfall of modern South Korea by letting American (miguk) cow meat into the country. These are not just American cows, they're Mad Cows!

Now when I was told this, I had to check my Korean phrasebook to see if "mad" might translate into something like "tasty", but I haven't been able to find a phonetic translation for ma-ad.

According to my students, American beef is all tainted by mad cow disease. How is this not driving all of the Americans mad you might ask? Well, duh? Americans don't eat American beef. They only eat beef imported from Australia and then ship all of their crazy cows to other countries. It makes sense if you think about it. I mean if all of your countries' cows were crazy, you'd certainly want to make them somebody else's problem and pay top dollar to eat another countries sane cows.

This blog is quite tongue-in-cheek, but this is apparently a very serious issue over here. And as I said, I'm sure there is a much more legitmate news story here than what I glean from the mouths of 12 year olds. But since I can't read the newspapers, I can only write about what I live from day-to-day and what I read graffitied on the desks at school.

If I were to write a list of things I don't like about Korea and Koreans, I'm sure I couldn't come up with much more than it pisses me off that they park their cars on the sidewalks. So my brief attempt at humor here is in no way a reflection of my opinion of Koreans. My blog is merely a reflection of what I come across from day-to-day and this on-going conversation struck me as worth noting.

And since I just ate a dinner tonight that was comprised of the "unmentionable" parts of cows, it could just be that I've gone a bit mad myself.

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Great to see you blogging again BUCK! Gotta love a little mad cow.
Ever the scientist, I must point out that there's no evidence that Mad Cow can transfer to humans by eating anything other than their brains or spinal cords. Unless that's what they serve up over there, which I highly doubt, then there's little risk of any kind of contamination or health hazard.
Generally speaking, however, people don't like to eat diseased animals, so I can understand the fear of Mad Cow. Mostly, however, it's a PR-type operation meant to adjust a country's balance of trade.

by Boydalicio

Actually Boyd, the dinner that I referenced at the end there might have had brains and spinal cords. I'm just going to go and call it unidentified parts though. It was certainly chewy. So they might have real cause for concern. But there is no doubt, that this is nationalist PR spun out of control.

I think a case of mad cow disease did pop up in Japan, prompting the worry, but the straight faced declaration that all American beef is tainted and that we ship it all overseas made me chuckle. What I want to know is, if we are only eating Australian beef in American, then why the hell can't we get some VB shipped over to go with it!

by john7buck

Beef. It's what's for dinner.
At least, it's what I had for dinner tonight. Not Australian beef, however. In fact it was Coleman all-natural, raised without hormones or anti-biotics, fed entirely on organic, vetetarian feed, raised in the Rocky Mountain West.
My god ... as I read that back to myself I realize for sure: I've become a Yuppie.
Strangely, this 100 percent all natural beef didn't come from some organic corner store, run by a couple of hippies from Montana, but instead from COSCTCO, which also happens to be a giant national corporation.
while the beef sits well in my tummy, my mind aches ... what am I to believe? What am I to eat?

by Boydalicio

After seeing a couple of disturbing YouTube videos of you singing, I would slow down your beef intake. Hope all is well in the middle east, the down under, or where ever your are!!jk. FYI, I will be in Vail for the 4th, any chance of you being coming home to eat some Aussie Beef? Todd Austin

by ta2424

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